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Why DCD Group Project?

The DCD Group Project is designed to connect DDE ( Dubai Diamond Exchange ), DDA ( Dubai Design Academy ) and lab grown diamonds production, ensure price stability and to launch a new brand – Dubai City Diamonds. Namely, the largest segment of the market is branded diamond jewelry. That part of the market is the largest because of the total sales in the amount of 550 billion euros annually, that part of the market accounts for 75%. There is a big gap because Dubai has not launched its brand in the field of diamond jewelry, although DDE is second in the world with an annual turnover of over 40 billion dollars. In addition to launching the Dubai City Diamonds brand, the goal is to produce lab grown diamonds.
In addition to lab grown diamonds, DCD incorporates patented diamonds, pointers, melee diamonds and black diamonds and of course loose diamonds.

In the last 10 years, two things that will change human society are Artificial Intelligence and Crypto Currencies, based on one algorithm and one platform based on block chain technology. We also hope for a revolution in the diamond jewelry industry, and that Revolution should start from Dubai.

The whole concept of the DCD Group Project is based on DMCC optimizing its diamond business and launching a new brand – Dubai City Diamonds. Of course, there is little chance that I,as an individual, will change anything, but I still stick to the old Chinese wisdom: ” If you think that you are small and insignificant, try to sleep in the same room with a mosquito.”

What is all about?

There is a big disparity between the money that circulates on the Dubai Diamond Exchange and the profit that Dubai makes from the sale of diamond jewelry.

The DMCC has succeeded what no one has ever succeeded. In just 18 years, it became the second largest diamond exchange in the world, leaving behind New York and Tel Aviv, which was unthinkable.

But still, such a successful system consisting of DDE and DDA, needs a brand that will connect them.


DCD Group Project was sent to the DMCC for consideration. If the Project is not approved in timely manner and if the DMCC does not stand behind it, this site will be shut down and the Project will be closed.

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