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Welcome Dear Friends


It’s all over the forehead of an autumn day when I had a diamond of one carat for the first time in my life. Of course, I’ve seen diamonds before, mostly in jewelry, but I never had such a large stone back in my hand. Until then, jewelry and gemstones did not interest me at all, and then there was a magic that continues today. It’s hard to describe the fascination when you see something for the first time in your life, and although you’ve never seen it before, you know it’s it and you know it’s real. From that moment on, my obsession with the jewelry and gemstones is moving.

In distant 2010, my mother asked me to bring her something from Dubai. She wanted to have some souvenir and a memory of me. I decided to surprise her and buy a diamond ring. I did not have the idea how much a diamond cost, but I thought I’d buy some more modest, say from 1000 USD. I found a nearby bazaar and a small jewelry store on it. As soon as I sat down, the trader asked me what kind of diamond I want. I replied that I bought a gift for my mother and wanted a stone of one carat. Then, I did not even know what one carat is, I did not understand the prices; simply, I did not know anything about diamonds. The merchant was quite excited to say: ” Oh, one carat, a nice choice. ” At that moment, after the reaction of the trader, I realize that it is not so small stone and I will not fit into the planned budget. He searched among the boxes that were safely sheltered in the safe that was located below the counter. He took out two boxes and said that he had not the stone exactly right of one carat, but from 1.08, while the other was from 1.17. I slowly start to be uncomfortable because I realize that a stone of one carat in the world of diamonds is considered a serious stone and probably not so cheap. He opened the box, placed the stone in some holder, and gave it to me in my hand. I looked without my breath in a pebble that was shining in the daylight. He looked like something that is not from this planet. It’s so small, and it can be seen from ten meters, I thought. He was so scowling that I had the impression that if someone came up with, for example, the ring of that pebble, that it simply could not remain unnoticed. My head began to thrive, how is it possible to look so good, how this is done at all … simply, the impression was so powerful that it left me without breath. I would not know how to describe the feeling of admiration for this little stone, and I laughed in my chin: ” Ah, these women, so they know exactly what’s right ‘. From that moment, my story begins, which will, time will show, take the next nine years to enter the deal with diamonds. At that time, I was already forty years of age, had a very well-paid job in an American company, and I left it all and started from scratch. For the next nine years I spent my time studying, studying crafts, writing patents, buying equipment, tools, various machines, lasers, forming a goldsmith workshop. Welcome to my world in which I will try to transfer some of my passion to you, and to bring you into the fascinating world of diamonds. Dear friends welcome to the world of magic of small pebbles.


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