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DCD Group is the world’s first in its patent to introduce SGM standard (second, gram, millimeter) because our diamonds are made with a precision of the ten thousandth part of a second, the hundred thousandth part of a gram and the thousandth part of a millimeter. We first introduced the NFC Smart Card Diamond Passport and introduced the world’s first high-tech equipment that has never been used in jewelry and gemology. Diamond passport is protected as an intellectual property. See the list of countries where protection applies – here.

We only install diamonds that are completely natural and which are not treated in any way. This is very important to emphasize because a diamond, although natural, can be treated with heating, laser drilling, X rays, etc. Such treatment significantly reduces the value of the diamond. We are specialized exclusively for natural diamonds that are not treated.

Every piece of our jewelry is packed exclusively in a walnut wood box and comes along with a diamond passport. For every diamond that is embedded in jewelry, we perform a detailed gemological examination, and we insert the data into a diamond passport. Every piece of jewelry has its own special diamond passport. When you activate the NFC option on your cell phone, get your diamond passport closer to your cell phone and NFC software will read your passport and give you a link to logging and your password. Click on the link and enter your password in the indicated box. You will see a page with all the diamond data that is embedded in your jewelry piece. In addition to these data, the page also contains information about your jewelry item (production method, weight, type of setting, etc.). If you do not have NFC software installed on your cell phone, download some of the many free versions of Google Play.


The philosophy of our design is that every piece of jewelry be with reduced lines, while the emphasis is on the beauty of the stone itself, which should tell you its story. High-quality custom engraving and stone setting requires a great deal of skill and experience of the masters. That’s what gives the final touch to every piece of jewelry. It is hand-made, and the process can be long-lasting, as in some pieces of jewelry there are up to 140 small stones ( from 0.8 mm to 1.5 mm in diameter ). To get the effect of the mirror, we are doing seven types of polishing each piece of jewelry (pre-polishing, polishing, ultrasonic polishing, magnetic polishing, etc.).

In every piece of jewelry only eight hearts and arrows CZ stones are embedded. Eight hearts and arrows CZ is specific in that when we look at it under a special magnifying glass, we see eight hearts when we turn to the side of the pavilion, and eight arrows when we turn it to the front of the crown. Other jewelers often avoid the installation of these stones because of its high price.

You can check your GIA Grading Report here.



There are a lot of laboratories in the world for diamonds testing and issuing certificates: GIA, HRD, IGI, AGS, EGL, GSI, GCAL, PGS. We decided on GIA ( Gemological Institute of America). For difference among others, the GIA has the most stringent criteria testing the most reliable certificates. The Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA) certificate commands the highest premium in the industry. At present, GIA’s diamond grading reports are top rated diamond verification and “certification” documents in the diamond industry. Every diamond that we are embedding ( set ) in our jewelry and which is larger than 0.5 CTW, has GIA certification.


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