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DCD Group has changed almost everything in the industry and made a revolution in the production of diamond jewelry. We first introduced the NFC smart card with a diamond passport, the world’s first changed anatomy of round brilliant 8 Hearts & Arrows cut, and the world’s first in the diamond industry introduced the most sophisticated equipment in medicine (surgery) and the field of microchip production. Diamond passport is protected as an intellectual property. See the list of countries where protection applies here.  We entered the SGM standard (second, gram, millimeter) because our diamonds were made with a precision of the ten thousandth part of a second, the hundred thousandth part of a gram and the thousandth part of a millimeter.

Six years were done on the DCD Project and the patent, while parallel to the patents was done on the implementation of the obtained patent solutions.

DCD has a unique approach to making jewelry because it is merged the application of the most modern hi-tech equipment with old traditional handmade jewelry. Unlike others in the diamond industry, we combine the jewelry and gemological equipment with equipment and technology that has not been used in the jewelry and gem industry until now. Please bear in mind that on the process of production itself, it was done from 2013 to 2019 and that our product is under patent protection as intellectual property. To make a premium piece of jewelry, DCD uses tools, equipment, and machines that are used in:

  • Ophthalmic surgery
  • Neuroscience
  • Fluiddispensers for the printing of batteries (anodes and cathodes) for microchips that are made in nanotechnology
  • Micro manipulators with the programmed robot the only custom made and have application in most complex medicine areas
  • Lasers used in dentistry, medicine or different kinds of lasers which are already used in soldering, cutting through, and engraving
  • 3D printers with an enormous precision layer thickness of 0.00025 inches for making our master models
  • Foundries with a protected atmosphere

Jewelers often use old jewelry that is melting to make new pieces of jewelry, but such precious metal has fewer characteristics due to the change in the structure of the crystal lattice of the precious metal itself. In order to avoid the slightest error, whether we cast in silver, gold, or platinum, we use the so-called fine purity of 99.99%, not precious metals from old used jewelry.

In every piece of jewelry, we set the stones with the so-called eight hearts & arrows cut. We specialize in modern round brilliant cut with 57 or 58 facets.

Eight hearts & arrows cut is a cut with ideal proportions, good optical symmetry, and a specific faceting pattern. When all these factors are present, the result is a repeatable, near perfect pattern of eight symmetrical arrows in the face-up position of the stone (called ‘crown’) and eight symmetrical hearts when viewed in the table-down position (called ‘pavilion’).

To get a premium piece of jewelry, you need world-class tools, state-of-the-art equipment, and superior masters. Our tools and equipment are mainly from USA, Germany, Japan, and Switzerland. As with the selection of the laboratory, here we have also chosen the highest quality equipment in the world market. We also went a step further by designing and creating our own tools and equipment we use in the manufacturing of our jewelry.

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