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The patent and the DCD Project were made for six years, from 2013 to 2019. In order to be able to obtain the product, it was necessary to introduce equipment from various industries in the process of production. Until 2013 there was no possibility to get the final product because there was not such sophisticated and precise equipment on the world market. Only when the US company Nordson launched the fluid dispenser with high accuracy on the market, we continued with the realization of the patent and DCD Project. On this occasion, we would like to especially thank the following companies whose equipment we use: Nordson Corp. (USA), Carl Zeiss  AG (Germany), Narishige  Group (Japan), GRS (USA),  Indutherm GmbH  ( Germany ), WPI Inc. ( USA ), Coherent Rofin (Germany ).

DCD Group Project40%

SGM standard (second / gram / millimeter)50%

the ten thousandth part of a second100%

the thousandth part of a millimeter100%

the hundred thousandth part of a gram100%


If you are interested in our patent, please read the section on the website page named "Licence". If you are interested in our jewelry, become our distributor.

A patent is a form of intellectual property and an exclusive right granted by a government to an inventor. A license gives its owner the right to exclude others from making, using, selling, and importing an invention. A patent holder has the right to decide who may - or may not - use the patent invention for the period in which the invention is protected. In other words, patent protection means that the invention cannot be commercially made, used, distributed, imported, or sold by others without the patent owner's consent.

diamond cutting & polishing

Here is a link to download e-book on cutting diamonds, written by Mr-Don Akiva Caspi. Here you can get more detailed information about the cutting process itself.