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In Memoriam




It all started back a long time ago in 2007 when I first went to distant Afghanistan, which left a strong impression on me. Afghanistan will forever change my perception and view of life.
Although I am from Europe, I lived and worked in Afghanistan for six years and there saw a diamond for the first time in my life. This one time was enough to fall in love and that diamonds and jewelry became my passion. Near the office where I worked, an Afghan girl often came selling hand-made souvenirs and scarves of beautiful patterns and vivid colors. She was silent and recluse, and she sold everything from her own hands, as she had no stand. She was never intrusive, nor did she offer anyone anything to buy. Later on I find out that even though she was only 11 years old, she also supported herself and four members of her family. She died in the center of Kabul, in the green zone, in 2013. I will never forgive myself for having never bought anything from her. For years, I was trying to find out her name and surname, but I never succeeded. The bright green scarf she wore, it always reminded me of the red coat of another girl from the other side of the world. The pictures above are a picture of Tarana Akbari and the image of a girl in a red coat. From deep respect for the Afghan people and all their sacrifices, I dedicated this page as a reminder of memory.

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