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Become our Distributor

DCD Group is a jewelry-oriented company, and we are not currently interested in opening retail stores (shops). We are dealing with complete manufacture, which covers the following: jewelry design, jewelry modeling, jewelry casting, jewelry processing, stone setting, jewelry engraving, seven kinds of jewelry polishing, rhodium plating and gold plating of silver jewelry, diamond processing in accordance with our patent, gemological examination of the diamond in the gemology laboratory, making NFC Smart diamond passport for each stone that is embedded in our jewelry, design of boxes and packaging.

  • Our manufacture includes the following:
  • designing and modeling jewelry
  • jewelry casting
  • stone setting and engraving of jewelry
  • polishing, rhodium and gold plating
  • processing the diamond in accordance with our patent
  • gemological examination in the gemological laboratory
  • making a DCD diamond passport


We need general distributors for the following countries: USA, UAE and all EU countries. DCD Group reserves the right to choose a distributor in the country of business. DCD Group will maximally protect the distributor by not issuing a patent license for the country in which the distributor is located. The distributor gets finished jewelry packed in DCD wooden boxes (walnut or wild cherry), with a diamond passport (NFC Smart Card) for each piece of jewelry. Our jewelry is made according to our patent with SGM standard (second, gram, millimeter) because our diamonds are made with a precision of the ten thousandth part of a second, the ten thousandth part of a gram and the thousandth part of a millimeter. Jewelry is produced in Europe (Serbia) and passes the strictest QC - Quality Control. If you are interested in by distributing our jewelry, please contact us via e-mail info[at]dcd.group or through the contact form on this site.