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05 May 2019
Diamonds Love Dubai — Ahmed Sultan Bin Sulayem - the Executive Chairman of DMCC



My obsession with precious stones (gemstones) led me to read all about cutting and polishing diamonds for years, as well as the equipment used in the production process. In the beginning, it was all new and mystical to me because it is challenging to get into the circle of people who are engaged in this job. Everything in this business is a secret, and many things are kept and skillfully hidden by them. Even the cost of the equipment itself, lasers are hiding from ordinary people and are not publicly available. At the beginning of the 1980s, a Japanese businessman, Mr. Takanori Tamura together with a skillful cutter (polisher) called Higuchi came up with the idea of improving the round brilliant cut. They represent the world for the first time so-called Eight Star cut, which later turned into the famous Eight Harts and Arrows cut. It was a real revolution in the industry. Cut brought to perfection. Mr. Tamura did not have such sophisticated equipment as it is today. DCD Group upgraded this cut by being a strictly accompanying line of symmetry, with colossal precision, increased the size of the diamond with its patent. We are looking forward to great commercial success because the essence was to enable the purchase of a diamond for less money.