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What is DCD Group?

The DCD Group Project is just an idea. Everything in this Project is
subject to change: the brand name itself, logos, way of doing business,
the look of the website, etc. This is just a concept, an idea, with which
I want to interest the DMCC and the UAE authorities, to understand
what all the possibilities of the DCD Group Project are.

web 1: https://www.dcd.group/ ( active )
web 2: https://www.diamond-passport.com/ ( active )
e-mail: info@dcd.group ( active )
web 3: http://www.diamond-platform/ ( not active )
web 4: http://www.diamond-nucleus/ ( not active )

LAST UPDATE 03.12.2021

This site will be removed on December 31, 2021 and the DCD Group Project will be permanently closed. The DMCC and Mr. Ahmed Bin Sulayem received a draft Business Plan as well as a sample of jewelry with a diamond passport on June 3, 2201. Until todays date, December 3, 2021, Mr. Bin Sylayem has not responded. That is why I informed the ICD about the DCD Group project.

We would love to get a response from the ICD, completely irrelevant whether the ICD likes the Project or not. I think that would be fair, since we have been waiting for an answer for 6 months. Your answer will be more than appreciated.

The DCD Group Project is designed to connect DDE ( Dubai Diamond Exchange ), DDA ( Dubai Design Academy ) and DGCX ( Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange ) and to link them under jurisdiction of DMCC. Of course, they are under the jurisdiction of the DMCC, but the goal is for Dubai to become the largest diamond hub in the world.

Nowadays, if a corporation does not digitize its business and has no new inventions, it threatens to become a slow-moving dinosaur. That's why Dubai City Diamonds was designed. To create its Diamond Platform and use it to digitize the diamond industry, and through its patents, bring innovation to the industry

The main goal is to Dubai become the world largest manufacturer of  lab grown diamonds and to launch a new brand - Dubai City Diamonds. Namely, the largest segment of the market is branded diamond jewelry. That part of the market is the largest because of the total sales in the amount of 550 billion euros annually, that part of the market accounts for 75%. There is a big gap because Dubai has not launched its brand in the field of diamond jewelry, although DDE is second in the world with an annual turnover of over 40 billion dollars ( US ).

The idea is to Dubai City Diamonds be a network through which will be sold and distributed 6 types of diamonds: lab grown diamonds, 3 types of DCD patented diamonds, melees, pointers, black diamonds and of course loose diamonds.

In the last 10 years, two things that will change human society are Artificial Intelligence and Crypto Currencies, based on one algorithm and one platform based on block chain technology. We also hope for a revolution in the diamond jewelry industry, and that Revolution should start from Dubai.

The whole concept of the DCD Group Project is based on DMCC optimizing its diamond business and launching a new brand - Dubai City Diamonds. I always stick to the old Chinese wisdom: " If you think that you are small and insignificant, try to sleep in the same room with a mosquito." Dubai City Diamonds ( DCD ) is conceived to be a brand at the corporate level under the jurisdiction of DMCC.

DCD has inventions and novelties in the field of gemology and jewelry, which are under patent, copyright and trademark protection as intellectual property. DCD introduces new standards in the gemology and jewelry industry, and our production is robotized with the application of artificial intelligence. It is a brand that is introducing a digital platform to the diamond industry.

What is all about?

There is a big disparity between the money that circulates on the Dubai Diamond Exchange and the profit that Dubai makes from the sale of diamond jewelry.

The DMCC has succeeded what no one has ever succeeded. In just 17 years, it became the second largest diamond exchange in the world, leaving behind New York and Tel Aviv, which was unthinkable.

But still, such a successful system consisting of DDE, DDA and DGCX needs a brand that will connect them.

DCD Group Project was sent to the DMCC for consideration. If the Project is not approved in timely manner and if the DMCC does not stand behind it, this site will be shut down and the Project will be closed.

Diamond Platform will be launch soon

PLEASE NOTE - Diamond Passport is a registered intellectual property. Any copying of this copyright work will be subject of International Patent Law and all possible disputes are in the responsibility of our lawyer office in Geneva.

" Diamond Platform "

I am working on the new platform, called - " Diamond Platform ". What is Diamond Platform? The Diamond Platform is a platform that connects the Diamond Passport to the online GIA certificate and to the visual video display of the diamond, all with the one click of a user, using data encryption algorithms.

To see what it looks like, go to: https://www.diamond-passport.com/ and enter the password in the login field: NRZ33J Currently, only the first part has been realized, still without encryption. The user is allowed to enter a message to a loved one as well as to enter the owner's name. It can be your name or the name of the person you are giving the jewelry to. After this, each passport will be associated with a GIA certificate. To see what the certificate looks like click on the link:  https://www.gia.edu/report-check-landing in the indicated box type report number: 2141438172
The third part is a visual video representation of the diamond, which will also contain all the data, but will also contain an enlarged video representation of your diamond that was taken and which shows the impurities in the stone, or the exact shape and position of the impurities (which is unique to each stone ) which allows you to unmistakably determine that it is your diamond. To see what it looks like, take a look at the following link:

Basically, this is the digital part of the diamond platform.

Second part refers to patented diamonds. The price of an average diamond of one carat ranges from 8,000 to 25,000 US dollars for solid good color, clarity and cut. We offer a diamond of that size (6.5 mm for a round brilliant cut) that has been processed according to our patent, at a price of about 50 US dollars. The bottom line is that the diamond is completely natural and has not been treated in any way. 1) I worked on the first patent for over three years and it is a sublimation of 9 patents. The invention itself was followed by a patent grant period of three years and two months. This is the first patent and it refers to round brilliant cut, ie round diamonds with 8 Hearts and Arrows Cut. That cut is the best cut in the world and required enormous skill and knowledge. https://www.dcd.group/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Patented-Damond.mp4
2) The second patent relates to the so-called. rough diamonds.
3) The third patent I am working on is the concept of optical illusion: in this case a 3-D molecule floating in the space within a crystal. Same kind of holographic To roughly understand what it looks like click on the following link: https://www.dcd.group/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/example.mp4

The third part is the packaging. We offer a Diamond cube box (https://www.dcd.group/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Cube-Diamond-Box.mp4)
and Slim wooden origami diamond box ( https://www.dcd.group/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/kutija.mp4 )

The fourth part is Artificial Intelligence, which is used in robotic jewelry production.

The fifth part is data cryptography.